How Long Can A Ball Python Go Without Eating?

An adult ball python may go for up to six months without feeding, although this can be dangerous to the reptile’s health. Let’s look at how long ball pythons may and should go between meals, as well as how frequently they should be fed for a healthy diet.

Similarly, Can my ball python go 2 weeks without food?

Again, it’s impossible to offer exact figures for how long a hatchling ball python may go without feeding, but it’s most likely at least one month. So don’t be concerned if your newborn ball python refuses to eat for a week or two; he’ll most likely eat again soon enough.

Also, it is asked, Will a ball python starve itself to death?

They will, indeed, starve to death.

Secondly, How often should a ball python eat?

A ball python does not need daily feeding. Smaller or younger ball pythons need to eat twice a week, whereas bigger ones just need to feed once or twice a week. You feed them more at once as they become older, so they don’t require as many feedings. 7 July 2021

Also, What do you feed a ball python that won’t eat?

When a snake is hungry, it will prowl the front of the tank, become more active, concentrate on you anytime you get close to the cage, flick its tongue more often, and hunt at the same time each day or night.

People also ask, How do you know if a snake is hungry?

Snakes may go two years without eating.

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What’s the longest a snake can go without eating?

If it’s too chilly outside, the snake will initially try to locate a warm spot in their cage, but if they can’t, you could observe them retreating to their hide to stay warm. When everything in the cage is working correctly, you will witness this migration from colder to warmer zones on a regular basis.

How do I know if my ball python is cold?

Ball Lifespan of a Python Without Water When it comes to their ability to survive without water, it’s believed that they’ll last around 12 days before their health begins to deteriorate.

How often should a 1 year old ball python eat?

Because ball pythons devour their food whole, they are unable to ingest chicken eggs. The reason for this is because the eggs are likely to obstruct the snake’s digestive tract, perhaps causing death. The explanation for this is that snakes lack the digestive processes necessary to break down eggs. 1st of December, 2021

Can ball pythons eat eggs?

As a result, I normally advise people to feed their ball pythons as often as possible, but no more than once a week. It’s possible that your snake may decline many meals in a row, and you’ll be fortunate if you receive one meal every month.

Can you feed a ball python once a month?

Hatchlings of both sexes are 10 to 17 inches long when they are hatched. Females should grow between 12 and 16 inches per year, while men should grow about 8 inches per year. After three years, a guy should be fully developed, measuring 2.5 to 3.5 feet tall.

How long until a ball python is full grown?

Ball pythons may survive for six to eight months without feeding, and in severe situations, they’ve been known to go for nearly a year without eating. What exactly is this? Ball pythons in the wild are often forced to go without food for lengthy periods of time owing to food shortages.

How long can a 6 month old ball python go without eating?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no There are two reasons why people feed their snakes in various cages. The biggest problem is that if a snake is fed in the same place, it will go into “feeding mode” when you open and reach into its customary cage. They may then bite you once the cage is open, thinking you for prey.

How do I get my stubborn snake to eat?

He goes on to say that pet snakes often constrict their owners for two reasons: fear or when they scent prey and their predator instincts are awakened. “It’s conceivable the snake constricted Brandon as a result of being frightened or moving into predator mode,” he said.

How do I get my stubborn ball python to eat?

When a snake looks at its owner, it typically means it wants to be fed. Other reasons include environmental protection, thermal detection, and a lack of confidence. It might be an indication of stargazing, which is a serious disease that requires medical attention.

Is it OK to feed a snake in its cage?

Yes, they have the ability to starve themselves to death and will do so.

Why do snakes lay straight next to you?

A basic chicken breast is nothing more than flesh. There is no bone, hair, or organs, and there isn’t much water. You should feed a complete rodent rather than simply a piece of chicken. The snake will get all of its nutritional requirements from the whole rodent. 8 March 2010

What does it mean when a snake stares at you?

Only while breeding two snakes should they be kept together. Water Dish: Water is essential for your Ball Python and should always be present in their enclosure.

Will snakes starve themselves to death?

The act of yawning might be an indication of sickness or disease. Because they aren’t receiving enough oxygen, snakes may gape. Yawning widens the airways and allows more oxygen to enter the lungs. A snake’s breathing problems might be caused by respiratory illnesses or disorders.

Can I feed my ball python raw chicken?

It’s breathable and gives the snake a relaxing atmosphere. The snake, on the other hand, cannot be kept in a pillowcase permanently. Most snakes may be kept inside a pillowcase for up to three days, depending on the snake type and other factors.

Do ball pythons need water bowl?

Snakes recovered completely following 3 hour or shorter freezing exposures that resulted in ice content of up to 40% of total body water. With a maximum ice content of 70% of body water, only 50% of snakes survived 10 hours of freezing, and no snakes recovered after 24 or 48 hours.

Why does ball python yawn?

Snakes do not drink water on a regular basis, and those living in harsh environments such as the desert, where finding water is difficult, may go their whole lives without drinking. Snakes, as previously stated, have the ability to drink or absorb water.

How long can you keep a snake in a pillowcase?

Although adult mice and rats will make up the bulk of your ball python’s food, providing some diversity is typically a good idea. Chicks, quail, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and multimammate mice are some more feeding alternatives to consider.

Can snakes freeze and come back to life?

A animal that loses its head dies nearly instantly. Snakes and other ectotherms, on the other hand, don’t need as much oxygen to power their brains, so they may survive for minutes or even hours, according to Penning. “Severing the animal’s head isn’t going to kill it right now,” Penning told Live Science. 7th of June 2018

Do snakes drink water everyday?

What Is the Average Shedding Frequency for Ball Pythons? Ball Pythons shed every four to six weeks on average. Juvenile Ball Pythons, on the other hand, may shed more regularly throughout their development period. Ball Pythons, for example, are reported to shed as regularly as once a month.

What else can you feed a ball python besides mice?

In general, a python in its second and third years of life is still developing, although its pace of development has reduced. They will consume bigger feeders less often than they did when they were younger and smaller. Every ten days, these snakes should eat.


A ball python is a type of snake that can grow to be very large. They are typically fed twice a week, but they can go without eating for up to six months.

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