How Often Should You Feed A Ball Python?

How frequently should a ball python be fed? A ball python does not need daily feeding. Smaller or younger ball pythons need to eat twice a week, whereas bigger ones just need to feed once or twice a week. You feed them more at once as they become older, so they don’t require as many feedings.

Similarly, How Long Can ball pythons go without food?

Smaller snakes eat more often than bigger snakes, although some species, such as the ball python, may go for up to two years without eating.

Also, it is asked, How do I know if my ball python is hungry?

When snakes are hungry, they will let you know. Their tongue flicks will become more frequent and numerous as they begin to patrol their cage.

Secondly, Can you feed a ball python too much?

Feeding a ball python more than once a week is known as power feeding. Some ball python breeders utilize this controversial method to quickly raise the weight of their snakes. Power feeding may rapidly lead to obesity, which can limit the lifetime of your snake. This is something that should not be done.

Also, Can I leave a dead mouse in my snakes cage?

Obviously, a mouse that has been dead for two hours has little or no influence on the snakes’ ability to detect heat. You can only provide freshly slain food to fight this issue (as opposed to prey items that were killed 5 hours ago and just left to sit at room temperature).

People also ask, Is it better to feed my ball python in his cage?

Feeding in the enclosure, on the other hand, should never be promoted. If you choose a feeding container and stay with it so that your snake only expects food when it is in that location, you will have a lot calmer and more predictable snake.

Related Questions and Answers

What else can you feed a ball python besides mice?

Aside eating mice, ball pythons consume a variety of rodents in the wild, as well as small birds. You may attempt to feed them any adequately sized, professionally bred mouse in captivity. Domestic mice or rats, multimammate mice, gerbils, and hamsters are all examples.

How often should you mist a ball python?


How often do ball pythons poop?

In ideal circumstances, your snake should finish digesting a meal within 6-8 days and defecate soon after. If your snake hasn’t defecated in two weeks, you may wish to assist them.

How old is a 20 inch ball python?

Six-month period

How often should a snake poop?

You should anticipate your snake to defecate every five days if you feed it every five days. If you feed it once a month, it should defecate once a month as well. If your snake poos more than once between meals, it’s possible that it’s unwell and suffering from diarrhea.

Can you refreeze a rat if your snake doesn’t eat it?

The issue is that in order to get a large number of snakes to eat, the mice/rats must be warmed to at least room temperature. They are often placed in the snakes’ cage overnight to keep warm. Personally, unless they’ve been in the fridge all the time, I wouldn’t refreeze and use them again.

What is the white part of snake poop?

Snake excrement is divided into two components, similar to bird poop: the brown substance (the fecal fragment, or genuine poop) and the white stuff (the uric acid fragment, aka the pee, in a solid form). Most reptiles, like birds, expel excess nitrogen via uric acid rather than urea, which helps them preserve water.

Can I hold my snake after feeding?

Wait 24 to 72 hours after your snake has eaten before handling him as a general rule. If your snake’s food bulge is still visible after three days — or if it has grown larger after the first ingestion — don’t handle him. Give him another 48 hours and reassess his situation.

How many mice do you feed a ball python?

Every two weeks, adult ball pythons should be fed 2-5 adult feeder mice. Hatchlings and tiny ball pythons should be given 1-4 pinkies every 5 to 7 days, whereas young snakes (under a year old) should be fed one adult mouse every week.

Do ball pythons eat at night?

Ball pythons are timid snakes that like to hunt at night. Because they are nocturnal, they prefer to be served their prey item at night. It’s better to leave a ball python alone during it’s feeding time and avoid disturbing it. A tiny paper bag works well for certain ball pythons.

What is the best way to feed a ball python?

Larger ball pythons consume mice or rats that are larger. A ball python chooses its prey. As a general guideline, choose a rodent that is 1 to 1.25 times the size of your snake’s stomach. Smaller prey is OK, but larger prey should be avoided.

How long can a ball python live lost in a house?

Most snakes may go several months without eating. Almost every snake can go for 4-5 weeks without eating, and the majority can go for two months.

Do snakes need light at night?

Two different heat lamps, each on a 12-hour cycle, are possible. During the day, turn on the “day-glo” or nocturnal red or purple light, and at night, switch on the “night-glo” or nocturnal red or purple light. This will mimic a natural day/night cycle, which is crucial for nocturnal snakes.

Do ball pythons like their owners?

Snakes and other reptiles aren’t very fond of people. They may grow more tolerant of their owner, but when it comes to feelings, they remain elusive and difficult to read.

Do snakes recognize their names?

They may be able to distinguish between your voice and the sounds of others, even if they don’t know their name. They could also be able to detect certain noises and correlate them with various results.

Do snakes like to be petted?

Snakes are suspicious creatures that dislike being handled, caressed, petted, or handed around, therefore they won’t respond to your love. It’s stressful for them and puts them at danger of disease and injury, and you may not notice they’re harmed since they don’t complain or shriek.

Can you feed a snake back to back?

They will eat two if they want to. It won’t harm your snake if you don’t overdo it and they don’t appear like they’ve eaten a football every week. Some bp’s develop quickly, while some do not. As long as yours eats once a week, you should be ok.


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