How To Feed A Ball Python?

Larger ball pythons consume mice or rats that are larger. A ball python chooses its prey. As a general guideline, choose a rodent that is 1 to 1.25 times the size of your snake’s stomach. Smaller prey is OK, but larger prey should be avoided.

Similarly, Should you feed a ball python in its cage?

Feeding in the enclosure, on the other hand, should never be promoted. If you choose a feeding container and stay with it so that your snake only expects food when it is in that location, you will have a lot calmer and more predictable snake.

Also, it is asked, How often should you feed a ball python?

every 2 to 3 weeks

Secondly, Can I hold my snake after it eats?

Wait 24 to 72 hours after your snake has eaten before handling him as a general rule. If your snake’s food bulge is still visible after three days — or if it has grown larger after the first ingestion — don’t handle him. Give him another 48 hours and reassess his situation.

Also, How can I tell if my ball python is hungry?

When a snake is hungry, it will prowl the front of the tank, become more active, concentrate on you anytime you get close to the cage, flick its tongue more often, and hunt at the same time each day or night.

People also ask, How long can a ball python go without eating?

Smaller snakes eat more often than bigger snakes, although some species, such as the ball python, may go for up to two years without eating.

Related Questions and Answers

Can a ball python starve itself to death?

Ball pythons may fast for lengthy periods of time, which can lead to death. Although this is uncommon in captive-bred animals, it is feasible. While it will take a long time for a ball python to starve itself, you must keep in mind that it is a possibility.

Can I feed my ball python fish?

While these snakes may and do eat birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles in the wild, rodents make up the vast bulk of their prey. Crickets and eggs are not eaten by boas and pythons.

Should I feed My ball python live or frozen?

Snakes should be taught to devour the carcasses of their victims. It is safer for the snake and more compassionate for the prey. Snakes may be fed either thawed or newly killed food that has been previously frozen. Most pet shops will provide you with freshly killed or frozen rats to feed, so you won’t have to kill the prey yourself.

How long does it take a ball python to eat?

Although your snake is the best person to answer this issue, an adult snake (one year or older) will normally eat once every 10 to 14 days. Because they are still developing, younger snakes need feed more often.

How often does a ball python poop?

After consuming a meal, your ball python should defecate around a week later. Because differing settings, temps, and diets might cause digestion to take longer in certain circumstances, this answer is not the same for all snakes.

Can I handle my ball python everyday?

At least once a week, but never more than once a day, handle your snake. Snakes do not need social connection for their mental health, although frequent handling may assist the snake remain tame and provide exercise.

How do you make a ball python happy?

It should be a rather spacious enclosure. Maintain an ambient temperature of 80-85°F (27-29°C) throughout the day. Provide a 90-92°F (32-33.3°C) basking area. Provide hiding places. Have fresh water available in a basin big enough for the snake to soak in.

What can I feed my snake if I don’t have mice?

While rats are a favorite diet of certain snakes, they will eat anything is available. Insects. Smaller snakes, such as the garter snake, consume crickets, cockroaches, and insect larvae like mealworms. Rodents of a Small Size Eggs. Fish and birds. Snakes and lizards are two types of reptiles. Mammalian Mammalian Mammalian Mammalian Mamma

Do ball pythons need water bowl?

Only while breeding two snakes should they be kept together. Water Dish: Water is essential for your Ball Python and should always be present in their enclosure. Make sure you don’t give your reptile distilled water.

Why isn’t my snake eating the mouse?

He may refuse to eat his mouse if the temperature in the cage is too hot or too cold. Check the temperature at the substrate level to ensure it is within the proper range for your pet’s species. Give him a hiding place in each of the three temperature zones: warm, cool, and gradient. The snake may not want to eat if the humidity is too low.

What do snake tongue flicks mean?

(Photo courtesy of stylesr1 | When a snake flicks its tongue out, it’s not attempting to scare you; it’s merely trying to obtain a better feel of its surroundings by “tasting” the air. Most snakes have a good sense of smell to compensate for their weak vision and hearing.

Can snakes eat scrambled eggs?

While most snakes can eat a little egg without harm, unless you have an egg-eating snake, we suggest avoiding it unless you have one.

Do ball pythons eat mealworms?

Crickets, roaches, mealworms, waxworms, superworms, and other invertebrates are common feeders. They can even consume tiny rodents of the right size, but only if given sparingly.

How often do snakes drink water?

Once or twice a week, most snakes drink water or consume food. They drink as much as they need and as often as they require.


Ball Pythons are omnivorous, meaning they will eat both live and dead prey. They need to be fed a diet of mice that have been frozen solid.

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